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make money investment


Never make the rich people were hardworking and intelligent than you. But why they are richer than you? That’s because they have the skills to better money so learn to make money investment. 1 / Each contract as a seed Like a seed grow into a big tree, every usd strength to develop into a large mass. They know that a contract may develop into a million. So they appreciate every dollar that they spend. 2 / closely control every penny They are shopping for the best value, demanding and expecting a discount, consider his bill if there are any errors, try to make each spend a business can expense tax deduction legitimate, balanced in his book to every coin, and Recorded the bill based on reimbursement for their home or office. These activities will only take a few minutes but the peace of mind to create long-term financing. 3 / savings by spending wisely Not stopping there, they save at least 10% of what they earn. They have a way of investing your money. They have 10% of income for the emergency funds, and other items. They are proactive in investment. 4 / Having multiple streams of income outside work They protect themselves by faith, companies, and other legal organizations. Actually, you do not want to become a millionaire. If you want to live like a millionaire, but almost no assets in his own name. 5 / Very generous, contributing at least 10% of their income Recipes were: multiply the fastest when it is used properly. Learn how to use one’s money before we have more. ANNABA, Algeria

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